A description of the color purple which tells the story of celie

Raped at 14 by her own father and then forced into a marriage with a cruel older man, Celie learns to be quiet and submissive. When Shug Avery falls ill, Mr.

A description of the color purple which tells the story of celie

This article needs an improved plot summary. August After giving birth to her 2nd child, fathered by and taken away by her abusive father, their mother then dying and father remarrying, Celie, still a teenager but by now infertile, is separated from her younger sister, Nettie, whom she vowed to protect, and given away by her father to a much older widow, Albert Johnson, who already has three children.

Taking on her new domestic and marital duties, Celie is soon abused by Albert, who treats her like a domestic worker. One day, while at a store she encounters who she believes to be her now 7 month-old daughter in the arms a lady, who was said to have taken in her first child, a boy, as well.

Nettie escapes their abusive father and comes to seek shelter at the Johnson estate. Albert immediately takes a romantic interest in Nettie and lets her stay. Nettie tries to motivate Celie to stand up against abuse, but Celie says that she only knows how to survive. Nettie teaches Celie to read and they have a very happy time living together, until Nettie is followed and sexually assaulted by Albert while on her way to school.

She successfully fights him off, after which she is forcibly removed from the property. The only thing that pleases Albert is receiving mail from his lover, Shug Avery, and he threatens Celie, who anticipates receiving mail from Nettie, to never touch the mail box.

While Albert is out and about, Celie continues practicing her reading. Years later, with Celie now a meek adult operating in survival mode, she experiences joy by seeing Albert gleefully prepare to meet up with Shug, and starts to develop a fondness of Shug, a performing artist, whom she only knows by picture.

The oldest son, now an adolescent, brings home his pregnant girlfriend, Sofia, a strong-willed, boisterous character, and asks Albert to marry her, who then objects and offends Sofia, after which Sofia tells Albert off. They get married after the baby has arrived, and Celia is shocked to see Sofia running a matriarchal household.

Seeking advice on how to keep Sofia in check, Albert suggests Harpo to start hitting her.

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With Celia present, Harpo attempts to overpower Sofia, to no effect, after which Harpo asks Celia what to do.

Confronted with her own inability to stand up to abuse, she also advices Harpo to start beating Sofia. Next, Harpo, with a black and blue, swollen eye, in talking with his father, denies Sofia having beaten him, while elsewhere a slightly bruised and angry Sofia confronts Celie about what she had told Harpo, threatens to kill Harpo if he starts beating her, and tells Celie to do the same with Albert.

Years later, Sofia tired of the back and forth beating, leaves Harpo, taking all their children with her. Celie is still waiting to hear from Nettie.

A description of the color purple which tells the story of celie

Albert appears to be hiding mail from her. On a stormy night, Albert and Harpo bring an ill Shug Avery into the house. Anticipating happy times ahead, star-struck Celie does not object to his lover entering her home. Again, Celie is confronted with seeing a strong-willed woman, as she watches Albert make a fool out of himself trying to please Shug.

In awe, she goes above and beyond pleasing and nursing Shug back to health. In town a Caucasian lady, Ms. Millie, asks Sofia to be her maid.The Color Purple is an passionate novel based on the letters wrote by a hopeless black woman who goes by Miss Celie.

In Celie’s letters, she illuminates the negative boundaries in role of tradition gender, sexism, racism and sexual relationship. The Color Purple is a epistolary novel by American author Alice Walker which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award for Fiction.

[1] [a] It was later adapted into a film and musical of the same yunusemremert.comy: United States.

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1 The Color Purple by Alice Walker Rationale by Patrick M. Clarke Grade Level and Audience In her award-winning novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker () tells the story of Celie, a young black girl growing up in the reconstruction South of the United States.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Home / Literature / The Color Purple / Character Quotes / Celie / Celie’s narrative actually begins as a result of her victimization: Her father tells her she’d better not tell anyone that he’s raping her, at least not anyone aside from God.

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Because of Shug and because of Sofia, Celie is able to triumph — and triumph joyfully — over the sexual and racial oppression that smothered many of her female ancestors.

The Color Purple, then, is a story about growth, endurance, loyalty, solidarity, and joy — all nurtured by the strength of love. As an adult, Celie befriends and finds intimacy with a blues singer, Shug Avery, who gradually helps Celie find her voice. By the end of the novel, Celie is a happy, independent, and self-confident woman.

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