British airways target audience

Boeing Dreamliner The Brief British Airways asked us to find a way to demonstrate that the airline is best in class and provides the best global connectivity for customers from Belfast and Dublin via its hub at London Heathrow. This was to be communicated to a diverse audience including media, business travellers, holidaymakers and key stakeholders. Our Response We brought the multi-million pound British Airways Boeing Dreamliner mobile simulator to Ireland for the first time - staging a series of experiential events in Belfast and Dublin. Selected guests were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience flying an aircraft to over British Airways global destinations.

British airways target audience

This airline is owned by the British government and it operates huge number of flights on its domestic and international destinations. It provides the reliability and comfort to its passengers and they trust its airline on ground and in air services and the passengers give preference to this airline, while doing travel to long distances.

The people, concerning to corporate, middle and upper middle class are the main target of this airline. If the passengers have to travel to long distance and they need some comfort and convenience, then they should get registered their seat in the flight of this airline and enjoy the luxurious journey with its traditional services to the passengers.

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British airways has maintained its high standard in its services and the high security services ensure its passengers that they are safe and they the airline can handle all situation in controlled manner.

British airways target audience airline has over two hundred and ninety five airplanes, which are providing first rate services to its passengers.

British airways target audience

Marketing Objectives The airline is making plan to grow its operations and makes the corporate a prominent part of their business. It is also investing huge amount to get more new aircrafts and also reducing the manpower on its terminal to reduce the cost over the services of the airline.

It is also introducing new products like business class seats on international flights and it is also working on restyling of first cabin. It is also delivering the first class or best customer services and focusing over mileage business.

It is focusing on getting third party engineering and e-ticketing is provided with co-operate packages for its regular passengers. Market Segmentation Due to open sky policy, the airline has to compete with other airlines in terms of price and it has to focus on short haul market and the long haul market.

The airline operates its flights on the domestic routes as well as on the international routes. It also operates the premium class travels with the provision of excellent customer service and uses the marketing skills and technology.

The airline has the big market share to operate on the long distance flights and it will explore new destinations to get more targets and more people across the globe.

Target Market The airline is now looking for new destinations to operate its new flights and get more passengers through its operations.

It is also focusing on giving more facilities to its passengers, and tap in the new markets. There are various countries, which are developing their economies and they invite different companies to start work in their countries.

With the increase in rush of people at such places, the leading airlines of the world are introducing new flights on these routes. Product Differentiation and Positioning Most of the passengers look for facilities and services, when they operate their flights on different destinations.

British Airways introduces latest services and security to its passengers, which are stronger and safer than other airlines across the globe.

The airline is in position to help its passengers in better way and they are also introducing different products to enhance their facilities to their passengers and make them satisfied with quality of services. Marketing Mix Place British Airways is operating its flights at the prominent destinations around the world.

The airline has huge number of flights as it has about three hundreds aircrafts, which are operating their flights on the domestic and international destinations.

On the busiest airports, the airline operates huge number of flights with their state of the art facilities. Price British Airways provides good quality services to its passengers to make their journey safe and sound.

Despite of its classy services, it maintains most economical rates of the flights on different destinations.British Airways is a global airline even though it is #26 on the list. Competitors would be any airline that moves people and cargo between major city pairs globally, regardless if British Airways flies to that city.

The video runs 4 minutes and is posted on a special landing page touting the company’s offerings to its target audience. “British Airways doesn’t just fly people, we connect them with.

BRITISH AIRWAYS Introduction: The world today has evolved in numerous ways thanks to the many inventions and discoveries, but few have changed the way people live and experience the world as deeply as the invention of the airplane. The presentation attempts to analyse UK airline industry and the situation in which British Airways, the flagship national carrier, is in, and suggest strategic direction for the brand.

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British airways target audience
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