Business report south africa newspaper archives

Beyond the rapid rise of online shopping, retailers are spying innovative ways to hang on to traditional shoppers while diversifying both their channels and their wares. But what about independent retailers? Can small and medium businesses reap the rewards and profits from these two shopping events?

Business report south africa newspaper archives

Context[ edit ] Abahlali Assembly, Foreman Road Settlement Inthe eThekwini Municipality, which governs Durban and Pinetownembarked on a ' slum clearance programme' that meant the steady demolition of shack settlements and a refusal to provide basic services e.

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In these demolitions some shack dwellers were simply being left homeless and others subjected to unlawful forced evictions to the rural periphery of the city. However the movement has also argued that basic services such as water, electricity and toilets should be immediately provided to shack settlements while land and housing in the city are negotiated.

The movement has also engaged in the mass popular appropriation of access to water and electricity. There was similar conflict in which centred on the Marikana Land Occupation.

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This position is shared by all the organisations in the Poor People's Alliance. It also hosts regular seminars. The key ideas are those of a politics of the poor, a living politics and a people's politics. Practically, it means that such a politics must be conducted where poor people live or in places that they can easily access, at the times when they are free, in the languages that they speak.

It does not mean that middle-class people and organisations are excluded but that they are expected to come to these spaces and to undertake their politics there in a dialogical and democratic manner. There are two key aspects to the idea of a living politics.

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The first is that it is understood as a politics that begins not from external theory but from the experience of the people that shape it. It is argued that political education usually operates to create new elites who mediate relationships of patronage upwards and who impose ideas on others and to exclude ordinary people from thinking politically.

This politics is not anti-theory — it just asserts the need to begin from lived experience and to move on from there rather than to begin from theory usually imported from the Global North and to impose theory on the lived experience of suffering and resistance in the shacks.

The second key aspect, of a living politics, is that political thinking is always undertaken democratically and in common. People's politics is opposed to party politics or politicians' politics as well as to top down undemocratic forms of NGO politics and it is argued that the former is a popular democratic project undertaken without financial reward and with an explicit refusal of representative roles and personal power while the latter is a top down, professionalised representative project driven by personal power.

business report south africa newspaper archives

This is not acceptable to us. We fight for respect and dignity. If houses are given to silence the poor then those houses are not acceptable to us. Zikode has said that the movement aspires to 'a living communism'. They have boycotted the local government elections in[] the national government elections in and the local government elections [] [] under the banner of No Land!

It becomes clear that our job is just to vote and then watch the rich speak about us as we get poorer". We will remain independent from all kinds of mainstream political parties.

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But this time around it's a tactical partnership where the aim is to really get rid of the party that has become a threat to the society". Thuli Ndlovu, the movement chairperson for KwaNdengezi was assassinated in her home after disputes with a local councillor over housing allocation.

You have faced fires, sickness, evictions, arrest, beatings, slander, and still you stand bravely for what is true. Your principle that everyone matters, that every life is precious, is very simple but it is also utterly profound.South African Newspaper Archives () Explore South Africa History and Genealogy from one of the World's Leading Genealogy Resources!

Former South African President Jacob Zuma loses his long battle to avoid facing trial for corruption relating to a $billion arms deal in the late s. The Star Highlights Early warning systems to halt stock theft and rhino poaching Farmers receive actionable insights and early warning information to help them manage their livestock, better.

Johannesburg - Home Affairs has been ­accused of violating human rights after refusing to grant citizenship to children born to undocumented mothers, but whose fathers are South African. Explore University Libraries. Discover world-class archival collections, skilled professional staff and essential research resources and services.

The parents, whose attempts to marry were also barred by Home Affairs, ­believed there was no reason for the department to deny their child citi­zenship because he was born in South Africa, and.

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