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Who Are the Posterity? Newsletter - The Preamble to the Constitution for the United States declares the intent and purpose thereof.

Capitonym fully

If you do not read these instructions at least five times and fully comprehend the proper use of the 'Notice" then do not use it! Not wise to do something legal that you are not familiar with. Welcome to the world of fiction!

Capitonym fully

The United States government and the state government and all of their agencies and subdivisions such as the city, county, boroughs and townships and banks are corporations.

Public government corporations use the term constitution as the name of their by-laws, which are nothing more than an offer to the people of the forum the government intends to use to govern. Notice that their constitutions are generally amended internally as opposed to genuine government constitutions which are externally amended.

The American private sector, although included within the offer, were never given the offer to officially vote for or against nor to make an official acceptance or rejection.

Thus, no contract involving private Americans as a party to the Constitution exists. A contract, in the modern sense of the word, has been defined as an agreement containing a promise enforceable in law.

The term "agreement" implies that there are at least two parties involved, since one party cannot agree to a proposition unless it is made to him by another party. The term further implies that one party proposed a promise or offer to which the other party agreed or accepted.

Thus, an agreement is the result of an offer by one party and an acceptance by the other party which creates a binding contract. This book is the most comprehensive work on the relation between the law of contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code UCCbut for now, the important part is the explanation of offer and acceptance at Section 3.

It explains that the offeror may withdraw the offer anytime until the one it is offered to formally accepts the offer and then and only then does it become a binding contract.

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Re-read this till you get it! If you've been to court over any kind of issue, you have already seen that the Constitution is non-existent.

Capitonym fully

The judge may even threaten you with a charge of 'contempt of court' when you even mention the Constitution. Well, they are just withdrawing the offer to you [the American private people] simply because you, we, the private sector, have never formally "accepted" their offer.

Nor has the private sector ever formally accepted the oath of any government worker to uphold and defend the Constitution, which is required by the law [their law] upon taking office.

It appears to be a "MUST" that we formally accept the constitutions as well as the oath of office of any public servant, i. To look at it in another way -- Consider that the public official is often referred to as "Honorable", i.

If one thinks about this for a moment and considers that perhaps 'we' have been looking at this in a way that has not been to our benefit. If one is referred to as being 'honorable' may it not mean that it is up to someone like you and me to honor them and should we choose not to honor their offer of contract then why should they honor us?

When we choose to honor someone's offering do we not become the customer?


And, is not the customer, "King"? The major reasoning behind the concept of a Notice of Acceptance of the Constitutions and of Oath of Office is the protection afforded by the constitutions of the private sector's personal liberty and private property.

In the history of the world there has never been a better form of government other than what the constitutions provide for us here in North America. We might add that never throughout the history of the world has there ever been such corruption of the purpose of a government by a small group of greedy, self-serving people misusing the power of office as we have experienced here in North America.

Our private property has been taken by forced registration and recordation into [corporate] government records, which casts upon the private sector an onslaught of [corporate] government regulations and taxation.

If the state government or any of its political subdivisions caused to be registered or recorded anyone's private property and then invokes its powers to regulate and tax the private property of one of the private sector, such action is a violation of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.Notice Of Acceptance Of Constitutions And Of Oath Of Office.

The following is a quote from a book called, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES ITS SOURCES AND APPLICATION. What is Capitonym- Capitonym is a word that changes its meaning based on whether or not it is capitalized | Alphabetical List of Useful Capitonyms | Sample This: Dictionary of English Capitonyms: Vocabulary Building.

Series: English Word Power, Book 4 . capitonym definition: Noun (plural capitonyms) 1. (linguistics) A word that changes sound and meaning when the case is changed; a case-sensitive capital + -onym Capitonym dictionary definition | capitonym defined.

Capitonym Fully. Topics: Calorie, Meaning of life, Capital letter Pages: 19 ( words) Published: April 6,  Abstract This paper is about the Capitonyms and the affective of capitonyms on the learning and writing, it contains some sections.

The first section is the introduction of the paper which contains the aims, problems, and the.

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A capitonym is a word whose meaning changes based on whether or not it is capitalized. Capitonyms are a variation on multiple meaning words, or homonyms.

They have the same spelling, but different meanings.

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