Describe the specialization or research interest you wish to pursue if accepted

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Describe the specialization or research interest you wish to pursue if accepted

Workshops Graduate School Is graduate school in your future? This is a question that will undoubtedly enter your mind at one time or another during your college career.

Making the decision to attend graduate school is an important one and will require serious consideration on your part. Unfortunately, some individuals pursue graduate studies because they want to postpone their job search or deciding on a specific career. This is NOT a good reason to enter graduate school!

Schools look for individuals who want to develop themselves personally and professionally, and have an understanding of what they hope to accomplish with their education. In addition, the more immediate demands of research, coursework, and research papers are all part of graduate school and must be considered.

There are defined course requirements in most graduate and professional school curriculum, but you are expected to have the ability to build a program based on your interests and goals. You may want to consider the following: Some steps you can take now include: How did these people get to this point in their career?

Is graduate school the only or best route to the career you desire?

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These include internships, practicum experiences, or summer jobs within your field. This will help to bolster your credentials for jobs or if you apply to graduate, and will also help determine your interest level in certain areas. Once you have made the decision to attend graduate school, keeping a Graduate School Planner is suggested.

The planner we have prepared provides you with general guidelines for graduate school admissions, along with a timeline for completing critical steps.

View our Graduate School Planner now! Factors that you should be aware of when applying for graduate school include application deadlines, academic programs offered, location, finances, and most importantly your ultimate career goals.

One valuable resource that we encourage you to explore is http: Researching for graduate schools is a lengthy and time consuming process, but this resource will make your search easier and more successful. We also encourage you to visit www.

Try to select schools in three categories, including schools where it will be difficult to gain admission, schools where you have a moderate chance of gaining admission, and a few schools where you are confident you can gain admission.

There is no reason to spend the money and time on applying to graduate schools where you have no chance of gaining admission or would definitely not attend if accepted. How accessible do you want your faculty to be? Does the faculty you will be studying under have research opportunities that excite you?

Does it have a blend of research and practical experience? Does the institution emphasize research, theory, or practice?

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For information on financing graduate school, please visit www. Formal applications vary from one institution to the next, but each usually consists of an application form, separate financial aid application, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and any required test scores.

Pay close attention to the deadline fees and any required application fees. Candidates must include a variety of information in the application form, but one important piece is your Personal Statement, which normally is not completed until several drafts have been written.

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View information about Personal Statements now! Another important aspect of graduate school admissions is the interview, which candidates should look at just as they would any other professional interview if they are required to participate in one. You can schedule a mock interview with our office in order to prepare for the interview.

You should also be prepared to ask the interviewer questions so that you appear well prepared. View Questions to Ask Graduate Programs now! It is a good idea to schedule times to speak with current faculty and students while you are on the campus, and to observe some classes. Take time to explore the campus and surrounding area to see if you like the atmosphere.

Graduate school testing information packets can be obtained from the Career Services office. We offer additional resources that will assist you with this important step toward your future, so we encourage you to visit our office and learn about what we provide.

Describe the specialization or research interest you wish to pursue if accepted

Additional graduate school information can be found in the online Career Planning Guide. Graduate School Admission Exams Websites and test dates for the major graduate school entrance exams are listed below for your convenience.

Please explore these websites because there is a great deal of information on them. Year-round computer-based testing available at centers worldwide for the General Test. Visit the GRE website for detailed information.Decide on a writing approach.

For example, you can describe your undergraduate and graduate research experiences chronologically, or select your most meaningful experiences to discuss. Usually involves intense specialization in a single field or a combination of fields, and is the traditional route to take if you want to pursue graduate studies.

Requirements for Combined Honours A combined honours allows students to bridge two disciplines, but doesn’t include every course from each individual honours program. In this section you can describe your interests, goals, career plans after graduate school, and why the school you are applying to is a good choice to pursue these interests.

If there is a stringent word limit, make sure you include this part, even at the expense of leaving out some of your past. Describe the specialization or research interest you wish to pursue if accepted. What are your personal and professional goals?

Q: Conduct research . Before applying for further study, you need to be fully aware of the working conditions, employment outlook, and physical/mental requirements of the field you wish to pursue.

In addition, the more immediate demands of research, coursework, and research papers are all part of graduate school and must be considered. Therefore, we ask you to submit several statements: Describe your academic background, scientific interests, goals, and past research experience (if any).

Include significant science courses you have taken and specific laboratory techniques you may have used.

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