Disadvantages of unclean environment

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Disadvantages of unclean environment

Slower overall, but cost is amortized across the lifetime of the commit Faster overall, but finalization delay may cause client timeouts There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these two backend types. Both are reliable enough to trust with your versioned data.

More flexibility means you have to work a little harder to find ways to deploy it incorrectly. Those reasons—plus the fact that not using Berkeley DB means there's one fewer component in the system—largely explain why today almost everyone uses the FSFS backend when creating new repositories.

Fortunately, most programs that access Subversion repositories are blissfully ignorant of which backend data store is in use. And you aren't even necessarily stuck with your first choice of a data store—in the event that you change your mind later, Subversion provides ways of migrating your repository's data into another repository that uses a different backend data store.

We talk more about that later in this chapter. The following subsections provide a more detailed look at the available backend data store types. Berkeley DB When the initial design phase of Subversion was in progress, the developers decided to use Berkeley DB for a variety of reasons, including its open source license, transaction support, reliability, performance, API simplicity, thread safety, support for cursors, and so on.

Disadvantages of unclean environment

Berkeley DB provides real transaction support—perhaps its most powerful feature. Multiple processes accessing your Subversion repositories don't have to worry about accidentally clobbering each other's data. The isolation provided by the transaction system is such that for any given operation, the Subversion repository code sees a static view of the database—not a database that is constantly changing at the hand of some other process—and can make decisions based on that view.

If the decision made happens to conflict with what another process is doing, the entire operation is rolled back as though it never happened, and Subversion gracefully retries the operation against a new, updated and yet still static view of the database.

Berkeley DB is also a very reliable database system when properly used. Subversion uses Berkeley DB's logging facilities, which means that the database first writes to on-disk logfiles a description of any modifications it is about to make, and then makes the modification itself.

This is to ensure that if anything goes wrong, the database system can back up to a previous checkpoint—a location in the logfiles known not to be corrupt—and replay transactions until the data is restored to a usable state. But every rose has its thorn, and so we must note some known limitations of Berkeley DB.

First, Berkeley DB environments are not portable. You cannot simply copy a Subversion repository that was created on a Unix system onto a Windows system and expect it to work.

While much of the Berkeley DB database format is architecture-independent, other aspects of the environment are not. While Berkeley DB promises to behave correctly on network shares that meet a particular set of specifications, [34] most networked filesystem types and appliances do not actually meet those requirements.

And in no case can you allow a BDB-backed repository that resides on a network share to be accessed by multiple clients of that share at once which quite often is the whole point of having the repository live on a network share in the first place.

Warning If you attempt to use Berkeley DB on a noncompliant remote filesystem, the results are unpredictable—you may see mysterious errors right away, or it may be months before you discover that your repository database is subtly corrupted.

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You should strongly consider using the FSFS data store for repositories that need to live on a network share. Finally, because Berkeley DB is a library linked directly into Subversion, it's more sensitive to interruptions than a typical relational database system.

Most SQL systems, for example, have a dedicated server process that mediates all access to tables. If a program accessing the database crashes for some reason, the database daemon notices the lost connection and cleans up any mess left behind.

And because the database daemon is the only process accessing the tables, applications don't need to worry about permission conflicts. These things are not the case with Berkeley DB, however. Subversion and programs using Subversion libraries access the database tables directly, which means that a program crash can leave the database in a temporarily inconsistent, inaccessible state.WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care First Global Patient Safety Challenge Clean Care is Safer Care.

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Disadvantages of unclean environment

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Due largely to the simplicity of the overall design of the Subversion repository and the technologies on which it relies, creating and configuring a repository are fairly straightforward tasks.

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