Guns harbors fear and constricts freedom

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Guns harbors fear and constricts freedom

Solutions False Flag Mass Shootings: Stages of Awakening False flag mass shootings occur with regularity, so they must be working to meet the aims of the NWO orchestrators. True solutions will only come once we pass through the stages of awakening.

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False flag mass shootings continue to be a favored strategy used by the New World Order NWO controllers to further their agenda of fear and domination. It seems that every time a gap of time opens up since the last one, the US public is again hit with another incident.

This shows that these events must be working to achieve the intended objectives of their orchestrators. For those who wonder when false flag mass shootings will become an ineffective social engineering tool, the answer is simple: Having said that, there are various stages of awakening to pass through regarding these events.

It is only from a broader perspective that we can truly hope to stop the effectiveness of these events, designed to play with and exploit the emotions of the average person. Yes, guns are designed to shoot bullets to injure or kill, but nonetheless, they can be used as a deterrent or for other defensive purposes.

For those who hunt, or simply defend their livestock from other predatory animals, guns serve a constructive purpose. To focus on the tool or instrument, rather than the intent and mindset of the person that uses them, is only approaching the issue from a very shallow perspective.

I understand that violence begets more violence. By owning and carrying a gun, you may be attracting or drawing in situations where gun use will be likely or required. I trust that the overwhelming majority of gun owners are sensible, moral people who exercise extreme care in handling a gun, which is more than we can say for the US Government, whose agents are trained to kill foreigners US military or to kill its own citizens trigger-happy US cops.

US police killings account for far more annual American deaths than false flag mass shootings. Here are 7 reasons that gun control is short-sighted, reactionary and fails to achieve the objectives that people want: Criminals will break the law and find a way to acquire them illegally.

It only limits gun ownership by law-abiding citizens; — gun control punishes the respectful, decent majority of gun owners for the alleged actions of a tiny few crazies; — gun control centralizes power. It puts exclusive rights of gun ownership in the hands of the government, which people already know to be extremely untrustworthy.

Why is the corrupt, deceitful and violent government somehow more likely to protect you, or do you less harm, than your average fellow citizen?

Guns harbors fear and constricts freedom

The real reason for the 2nd Amendment was not to protect those who wanted guns for hunting, but rather as a last recourse for citizens to overthrow an out-of-control government that no longer served them; and — gun control is a key plank of the overarching NWO agenda known as Agenda 21 or Agenda Psychiatric drugs are provably linked to violence and mass shootings.

Pharmaceutical, Psychiatric and Psychotropic Drugs The next stage of awakening around false flag mass shootings is to look more closely at the mindset of the alleged shooter.

More and more people are starting to recognize the obvious connection between pharmaceuticals — often psychiatric and psychotropic drugs — and mass shootings.

These drugs are designed to numb you out, detach you from reality and kill your ability to feel emotion — including empathy. There is much evidence of the psych drug-mass shooter connection. I wrote the following in a article Psychiatric Drugs and Mass Shootings: The list which is not exhaustive shows that psychiatric drugs are not only connected to gun violence — they have also been implicated in numerous instances of knife attacks, bomb threats, bizarre behavior, assault and hitting victims with a car.

Mania, for certain individuals, could be a component in grandiose plans to destroy large numbers of other people. Mania can go over the hill to psychosis. Breggin discusses the subject of drug combinations: Withdrawal from the combination can cause a severe reaction that includes confusion, emotional instability, agitation, and aggression.


Mental Health and the Culture of Violence Moving beyond blaming just the weapon, or even just the shooter, some people now believe that the deepest cause for these false flag mass shootings is the culture of violence.

We are inundated with violence, especially in the form of Hollywood movies and video games which are now becoming so realistic it is easy for the brain to confuse the two. We are the imagination of ourselves; we become what stories we tell to ourselves and our children.

Ronald Reagan but is very old. The idea is that you have to be strong, tough, macho and aggressive to deter anyone else from attacking you, and that this translates into peace. This leads on to the next stage of awakening around false flag mass shootings: Mind Control Mind control is a massive topic which has a very direct relevance to false flag mass shootings, because so many of these patsy shooters show evidence of being mentally influenced and tampered with.

Mind controlled assassins can be traced way back to the Cult of the Assassins in the Middle East during the Middle Ages. False flag mass shootings:To embrace "freedom"- freedom from fear of victimization -- would gut their self-identity. Because "gun control" promotes victimization, and they glory in being victims, they promote "gun control".

Jewish "leaders" who relish victimization. Guns Harbors Fear and Constricts Freedom. words. 1 page. The Effects of Parental Control on a Child. words. 1 page. An Analysis of Homosexuality, Morality and Human Rights in the Modern Society.

1, words. 2 pages. A Discussion on Gun Control in the United States. words. Many gun owners are refusing to register their firearms in what appears to be a massive act of civil disobedience, drawing threats from the state.

In the Name of Saving Children In , Connecticut lawmakers passed Public Law , a draconian piece of bipartisan legislation that undermines citizen privacy, constricts legal ownership, and. Oct 05,  · Fear is winning as there are now close to as many guns in this country as people — with the gun industry producing millions more each year.

We have reached our supersaturation point as a culture. Feb 22,  · The NRA's dystopian view of freedom Alex Wong / Getty Images The booth of National Rifle Association (NRA) is seen during CPAC February 22, , in National Harbor, Maryland.

A police officer removes the cylinder of a revolver handed in by a resident during the "Voluntary Disarmament Programme" at the Azcapotzalco district in .

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