Health metrics of stovepipeland essay

A A A Icomment on Public health encompasses nearly every area of daily living, thus, it is difficult to find a definition broad enough to illustrate its complexity.

Health metrics of stovepipeland essay

To what extent the psychiatric services can be improved in the special observation ward in a general hospital under Hospital Authority by nurse Health metrics of stovepipeland essay What is leadership about?

There are many different people defined leadership in different ways Heacock, According to Hickmanleadership aimed to induce the followers to follow and take action in order to complete the specified goals, and it can helped to show the values of the leaders and the followers and also their motivations can be showed.

According to Joosteleadership is more complicated and not simply acted as a role by how to control the followers, and leaders always tried to help and teach the followers to complete the task by step by step such as planning, leading, controlling and organizing. According to Northouseleaders can have the ability to affect the followers to complete a specified goal.

Rogers stated that leaders can help the followers to become more aware of the uncertainty and possible outcome about the possible changes. The above information showed that a leader must have good leadership skills in order to affect the followers about what is happening and the values to change the current conditions.

It can helped the followers to have a more and better understanding of the specified goal, as a result, the followers are more willing to follow and complete the tasks smoothly.

In order to solve the above problems and needs, Hospital Authority has focused on three main different aspects such as including management skills, leadership skills and clinical competence. Hospital Authority emphasis the importance of leadership and put sufficient resources such as overseas training and classroom courses in order to enhance the leadership skills to current ward mangers, nursing officer, advanced practice nurse and future leaders.

And around 40, of them with diagnosed schizophrenia and nearly half of them were treated at out-patient setting. According to Chui, Mui and Cheng et al.

Hospital Authority tried to minimize the psychiatric admission rate by implementing some services since the year Why I chose the topic to discuss and how it is important to me and others I chose this topic because I am working in a ward call special observation ward which strongly supported by the Consultation Liaison team CLT services in public general hospital for patients who needed to have psychiatric services.

Some of the patients are not physically fit for transfer to psychiatric unit, some of them are patients who are transferred back from psychiatric unit for medical problem, some of them are elderly with newly diagnosed dementia with relatives cannot accept the reality even with poor social support.

However, many problems such as placement problems, complaint cases, safety problem and long waiting lists for patients who needed to admit to my ward existed. This paper will start with the introduction and my selected real case scenario in my ward special observation ward.

I will compare different leadership models such as laissez-faire leadership, transactional leadership and transformational leadership. I will discuss the leadership style of my leader in my case scenario.

For the discussion part, force field analysis will be used for analysis the data and I will summarize the findings, and also, I will discuss how the situation can be more effectively with how to improve the situation. Reflective summary will be the last part of this paper with my comment.

I am working in a special observation ward in one of the general hospital under Hospital Authority and this ward aimed to receive patient with unstable emotion or some psychiatric problem, but they are not physically fit for transfer to psychiatric hospital or need some close observation in general hospital.

There are only 24 beds available with long waiting list that patients needed a bit long time to be admitted to my ward. There are only 3 APNs, 13 RNs and 5 ward assistants to support the ward within 3 shifts with heavy workload and stress.

My ward manger wanted to improve the quality of service and reduce the long waiting time for admission. She carried out a lot of guidelines and policies for staff to follow.

Some of the policies are: One month later, 1 some relatives complained that nurses forcing them to find old age home within a short period of time and forcing patients to discharge even they were not yet prepared well. Also, many junior nurses do not have sufficient knowledge about detailed and special required documentation skills which put the nurse in-charge in a very difficult position.

Analysis I will compare different leadership styles and analyze the leadership style in this scenario.

Health metrics of stovepipeland essay

Hickman also stated that transactional leaders also avoid development and improvement as they do not have motivation to have any changes. According to Basstransactional leadership will use rewards or punishments to the followers in order to achieve the goals.

For the transformational leadership, Hickman stated that transformational leadership will try to motivate the followers to achieve the goals and needs to changes, and the morality of the followers could be higher.

Transformational leader need not to use the authority or power to control the followers. Besides, through mentoring and empowering, Transformational leaders also use the mentoring and empowering skills to let the followers to enhance and develop the potential power in order to complete the specified goals.

According to Gillthere are no guidelines and protocols for the followers to follow for the laissez-faire leadership style.

Using Metrics to Improve Population Health

The morale of the followers may be high or low as the followers can do whatever they wanted. However, the followers will have their own style of work and therefore more easily to reach the specified goal. However, both transactional leadership and transformational leadership will set a clear objectives and goals for their followers with clear guideline.

As a result, the followers can have a better understanding of what they should do in order to achieve the goals. The leadership style of my case scenario:Population estimates underpin demographic and epidemiological research and are used to track progress on numerous international indicators of health and development.

To date, internationally available estimates of population and fertility, although useful, have not been produced with transparent and replicable methods and do not use standardized estimates of mortality. The 7 metrics articles in this issue of Preventing Chronic Disease address the following topics: public health policy (1), health care access and quality (2), social and economic determinants (3), health behaviors (4), environmental metrics (5), population health outcomes (6), and health inequalities (7).

Introduction Public health forms an integral part in the environment that we live, its main functions is to protect and improve the health of the society. Obesity has become on the most devastating medical conditions in modern medicine. This sample essay explores public health campaigns against obesity/5(3).

Public Health Obesity And Nhs Health And Social Care Essay. Print (Simnett et al ). Health has two common meanings, one is negative which is the absence of disease or illness and is the meaning of health within the western scientific medical model.

Health Metrics of Stovepipeland Essay Sample

Health And Social Care Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Health And Social . Murray CJL, Lopez AD, Black R, Ahuja R, Ali SM, et al. () Population Health Metrics Research Consortium gold standard verbal autopsy validation study: design, implementation and development of analysis datasets.

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