Napster the fight for freedom

Yvonne and I were invited to open the festival May 4th. We are honored to participate and to represent the James Connolly Songs of Freedom project. There'll be more information about this in the weeks to come but for now please go to this link for information. Also, if you do not already have a copy of the Songs of Freedom you can contact me directly or go to:

Napster the fight for freedom

Kiron Solari Kiron is a somber European man who devotes most of his time to making money, reading, working out and plotting revenge against the people who turned the world upside down. I doubt anyone needs to be reminded that the media is rotten to the core; even the most reluctant and closed-minded people are accepting this as a given now.

However, there is always a way in—through purposeful infiltration or, in my case, by accident. However, these traits are also coupled with always assuming the best of people and being rather naive. Due to this, he keeps ending up in awkward and sometimes dangerous situations.

One of them turned out to be a short stint as a journalist for a popular online newspaper.

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He barely maintained contact during his employment and eventually went completely off the grid. In about a month, he resurfaced a changed man, and not for the better.

Napster the fight for freedom

As he explained, he quit the job and then shut himself in for a while, armed with nothing but alcohol, to cope with the depression working as a journalist gave him. Now, this probably sounds very soft to many of you, including myself. While I granted my friend the clemency of explaining his failures to him, I also recognized the usefulness of his experience and started questioning him about what he saw and heard at the job.

Whoever pays you, owns you Just your regular journalists waiting for their paycheck. Sven joined the ranks of journalists to tell people the truth. To his credit, he believed he would be doing exactly that.

The reality turned out to be diametrically different—after our fresh-baked journalist returned from his first interview, he was immediately ordered to transcribe the recording and email it to the content manager. Half an hour later Sven received a heavily edited version of the transcript, with the parts he considered most crucial replaced with meaningless buzzwords or removed completely.

When he went to the manager to voice his indignation, the manager simply replied: Get back to your desk.

Regulation of the Internet1

His numerous colleagues almost never produced independent content—they were too busy publishing one paid article after another. When Sven asked whether these articles should be marked as sponsored, the only reply he got was a bitter laugh.

Do not screw this article up. One of them even went as far as to hand him a pre-written speech, tell him to work with it and walk away.

Episode 8: Come to Jesus

It was a big shock for Sven when he finally realized that his employers were beings without conscience who whored themselves out to the highest bidder. It was an even bigger shock when he discovered how nonchalantly his colleagues treated their responsibilities.

Investigative journalists relied on information they got from Google searches and Twitter posts, editors and sub-editors used rumors and hearsay to write scathing op-eds, website managers just posted any content that caught their fancy as long as they could come up with a flashy enough headline for it to attract people.

Fact-checking was almost unheard of, unless someone specifically paid for it.ARCHIVES 09/05/18 Death Be Not Loud 08/29/18 The Left's Long War on Conservative Free Speech 08/22/18 Let's Join Together to Stop Out-of-Control Prosecutors 08/15/18 The Theory of Political.

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Napster the fight for freedom

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Aaron Kushner, CEO of Freedom Communications and the architect of a contrarian plan to expand southern California newspapers, began erecting hard paywalls for his digital properties while increasing newsroom and print outlay in the summer of Neil Gaiman's bestseller, now on Amazon and Starz - American Gods, featuring videos, photos, episode information, and more.

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