Peak by roland smith

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Peak by roland smith

Plot[ edit ] Peak is a fourteen-year-old boy who learned Peak by roland smith to rock climb through his parents. His father, Joshua Wood, has almost never seen him and leads climbing expeditions. Because there are few places where Peak can climb, he scales skyscrapers.

During one climb, he gets caught after his face becomes injured from being frozen to the wall. He is sent to Juvenile Detention Hall.

Peak by roland smith

After another boy attempts to scale the Flatironinspired by Peak, and falls to his death, Peak is sent to court, where Josh returns and agrees to take him back to Chiang Mai. Josh and Peak fly to Bangkok, Thailand.

Josh tells Peak that they are not going to Chiang Maiwhere Peak was expecting to go, but will be traveling to Kathmandunear Mount Everest. Zopa will take him to Everest Base Campwhere they will prepare for the long climb up Everest.

Sun-jo, a Nepalese boy who is the same age as Peak, takes Peak to Zopa on a broken motorcycle. When they get there, Peak meets Holly Angelo, a reporter, who forced Josh to take her to the top of mount Everest, who happens to be the same reporter that almost got Peak jailed, and he learns that she will be climbing the mountain with him.

Peak realizes at this point that his father bailed him out of jail to come and climb Mount Everest. If he makes the climb, he will be the youngest person to reach the summit. Later, a German climber suffering from H.

Josh, the film crew, Sparky, Dr. Krieger, Thaddeus Bowen, Zopa, and Sun-jo attend a meeting to discuss the climb. Josh asks about Sun-jo's health, and wonders if he can make it to the top, explaining that "Peak either makes it [to the summit] on the first try or he doesn't [make it at all].

Josh asks Sun-jo how old he is and finds out that he is fourteen also, and that he and Peak are climbing for the same reason. He also finds out Sun-jo was born in Tibet but his father moved to Nepal.

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He returned to Tibet through forged documents, and if Chinese officer Captain Shek patrolling the area finds him, he will be taken away and arrested. After a few rough days of climbing, there is intrigue involving a climbing party that does not want Peak to summit.

Zopa pretends to take Peak away from the camp, but instead, Peak continues climbing on a faster but more dangerous route with the help of Zopa, Sun-jo, Yogi, and Yash.

They reach the summit, but Peak lets Sun-jo make it to the top and take the title of the youngest climber to ever climb Mt. Reaching the top would save Sun-jo and his sisters from poverty; with the money from the equipment endorsements he would receive, they would all be able to go back to school.

Sun-jo ties Peak's yellow prayer flag to the top, while Peak records the whole thing on a video camera.Video book trailers for the best children's books and authors, plus educational videos on reading, science, and seasonal topics teachers can use in the classroom. Sep 06,  · Best Answer: Peak tells the story of a boy becoming a man.

It begins in New York where Peak Marcello is caught by the police while climbing a skyscraper. He must live with his father who has flown in for the trial.

This doesn’t seem so terrible, but his Status: Resolved. Peak Marcello is a year-old climber trying to help his father, Joshua Wood, by becoming the youngest person ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest in Roland Smith's Peak. From jail to the top of the world!

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Basically, the plot of this book is a kid named Peak Marcello (whose parents use to be climbers) tries to climb a skyscraper but gets caught by the police who thought he was a terrorist right before he made it to the top. Freedom Movement Bibliography. See also: Books Written by Freedom Movement Veterans Book Titles Grouped by Subject Film, Videos & Audio Movement-Related Web Links.

Peak Marcello has a passion for climbing. When he is arrested for scaling tall buildings, he is sent to live with his dad, whose team is preparing to climb Ever.

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