Swimming micheal phelps

Email To get a sense of how much money Michael Phelps is likely to make in the next 10 years, imagine each of those eight medals around his neck as 1, pounds of solid gold. With his stunning achievement in breaking Marc Spitz's year-old record for most gold medals in a single Olympics and his ubiquity on TV, radio and the Internet, Phelps is expected to bank much more than previous Olympic champs such as "America's Sweetheart" Mary Lou Retton, decathlete Bruce Jenner and track star Carl Lewis. Though most viewers won't see him in action again until the Olympics in London, his phenomenal success should translate into major dollars in the intervening years, says Doug Shabelman, president of Burns Entertainment.

Swimming micheal phelps

Here is Michael Phelps by the numbers. There is no doubt that Michael Phelps was a gifted athlete in many ways. He benefited from having a coach who recognized his talent early on, and Phelps was also instilled with an exceptionally strong work ethic from a young age, having watched his older sister Whitney Phelps excel on the national swimming stage.

On a physiological basis, there is no question that Phelps was built for the water. Add a tough and demanding coach in Bob Bowman, a positive support system and you have the recipe for the greatest swimmer on the planet.

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Michael Phelps. With double-jointed knees and elbows Phelps exhibited a higher range of motion than the competition, while his lean frame provided little resistance for his monster dolphin kicks.

Here is how Phelps physiology helped him crush the competition: The wingspan of most people is supposed to be the same width as the overall height of their body.

Swimming micheal phelps

Longer arms means he has a longer distance per strokewhich is profoundly helpful for crossing the pool faster than other swimmers. Enhanced range of motion: Phelps has a double-jointed knees, ankles, and upper body, which means that he can extend his range of motion.

The average human being has a resting heart rate of approximately 70 beats per minute. Miguel Indurain has one of the most legendary heart rates of all time, with a reported 28 bpm, with most endurance athletes clocking in around 40bpm.

When Phelps pulled his swim goggles off and relaxed on dryland, his resting heart rate was a steady 38bpm, meaning that his heart was more efficient at pumping blood to his muscles than his competitors. In stats were leaked that showed after his world record swim in the m fly the lactate levels in his blood were at a paltry 5.

He had the same warm-up routine before each race. This was invaluable to keeping his mind on an even keel, helping him sort with the pressure of not only his own expectations, but a swimming public hanging on to his every swim.

According to one of his Facebook Live videos before the Rio Olympics his max squat was pounds. Pretty impressive given his lean frame.

This was typical of someone who is over half a foot shorter, giving him less body to pull through the water.

He broke his first world record at the age of 15, less than a year after his first Olympic performance. He became the oldest swimmer to win an individual gold medal in swimming at the Rio Games, until his American teammate Anthony Ervin out-did him a few days later by winning the 50m freestyle over French sprint star Florent Manaudou.

The Rio Games were his fifth Olympic appearance. His performance made him widely considered the top male swimmer on the planet yet again. For the first time in his Olympic career Phelps was nominated by his teammates in Rio as a team captain for the US swim team. When he initially retired after the London Games he added 30 pounds.

Initially, several major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal reported that Phelps was regularly crushing a five-figure calorie count each day. But how many did he set? How many does he still have? The pair of them were taking the swimming world by absolute storm as they were so young to be swimming so fast.

In at the ripe old age of 15 Phelps became the youngest male swimmer to break a world record in the pool the record was previously held by Thorpe at over a full year older when he broke the m free world record. He started the year off at Nationals winning the free, back and fly, becoming the first swimmer in US history to win three races in three different strokes at a single National meet.

During he also spent a week training with fellow world record holder Grant Hackett on the Gold Coast in Australia; the results of those swim workouts are detailed in this post.

Worlds would be where he would truly make his mark, with a 4-gold, 5-WR performance. He lowered both IM marks — dropping nearly two seconds off of his own record, and taking the below 4: The IM mark he set still stands as a world record to this day.The website of Michael Phelps has been targeted by hackers after the U.S.

swimmer won a record 19th Olympic gold medal in the 4xmeter relay in Rio de Janeiro. Michael Phelps has confessed that he was suicidal and isolated himself for days in October when he reached the depths of his depression 'It was a really, really crazy time.

Nov 01,  · With 28 medals to his name from individual and team events, Michael Phelps is known as being the most decorated Olympian. He's also known for speaking out about his mental health struggles, and for encouraging others to get the help they need.

The former Olympian continued to raise awareness on the subject in a recent interview. Jul 31,  · That’s more than second better than the meter butterfly record that Phelps set at the championship in It had gone unbroken, while Phelps went on to win 28 Olympic medals.

Even more impressive, Clark has only been swimming competitively for four years. Sep 06,  · Chad le Clos is a star freestyle and butterfly swimmer, having won a world champion and Olympic gold medal. In the Olympics he even beat Michael Phelps in the meter butterfly, Phelp’s favorite race.

Read the fascinating bio of Michael PHELPS, the Olympic Swimming champion. He has won 23 gold medals and is the most decorated Olympian of all yunusemremert.com: Jun 30,

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