The impact of terrorism 1000 words

The Obama Administration, soon after taking office, directed all military and civilian federal agencies to refer to efforts to combat terrorism, particularly in reference to the two primary theatres of operation Afghanistan and Iraqas "overseas contingency operations. You have been asked, as a recognized homeland security expert in your jurisdiction, to write a memo for your newly elected U. She would like to know your thoughts on the following questions.

The impact of terrorism 1000 words

Chris Weigant is a political commentator. He specifically called out neo-Nazis and white supremacists for the evil they truly represent. This is all to his credit, although it did take him an unconscionably long time to make such a statement.

But there was still one word missing from his statement: Driving a car into a crowd of people with murderous intent solely for what those people believe is indeed terrorism.

There simply is no other label that fits. Terrorism is the threat or the use of force or violence to achieve political goals. When used with terrorism, however, domestic seems to lessen the impact. Thankfully, the mainstream media seems to have had an epiphany in reaction to the Charlottesville attack.

The impact of terrorism 1000 words

People from across the ideological spectrum are trying to shame President Trump into using the word terrorism to describe what happened in Virginia. Right-wing Republicans and lefty Democrats are both singing from the same songbook on this one, and it has forced the media to weigh in as well.

Which is why his continued refusal to use the term for what happened in Charlottesville is so noticeable. I am pleased to see the media making this distinction, personally.

The impact of terrorism 1000 words

Back then I wrote: It does not matter if they are anti-abortion or religiously-motivated or act out of a misguided sense of partisanship. Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization.

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So is the Islamic State. Lone-wolf terrorist attacks in America are usually also identified correctly, when Islam is the motivating factor. But homegrown politically-motivated acts of violence somehow cause the media to shy away from the terrorism label for some inexplicable reason.

This is why I support the change in media attitude that seems to have happened over the past few days. Perhaps it was because the ideology was far right instead of on the left this time. Perhaps it was because ramming a vehicle into a crowd has international terrorism precedents the truck attack in Nice, France, most notably.

But it is heartening to see the media applying the term terrorism to the horrific events in Charlottesville as well.

Where next?

Whether the person is motivated by racial hatred, religious hatred, single-issue hatred, or naked partisan hatred is immaterial, because terrorism is terrorism no matter what the motivating factor happens to be.

So I am heartened to see so many people from across the political spectrum plainly call the Charlottesville attack terrorism. There are really only two people left who need to do so, at this point. Attorney General Jeff Sessions so far has not indicated that domestic terrorism charges will be brought against the driver and any accomplices he may have hadalthough he finally did announce a federal investigation into the attack.

And President Donald Trump also needs to use the term as soon as possible to send a strong message as well. Terrorism is terrorism, and that message really needs to be unequivocal, from the president on down. Chris Weigant blogs at:Since 9/11, the specter of a terrorist attack at the Indian Point nuclear power plant, thirty-five miles upwind from midtown Manhattan, has caused great concern for residents of .

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