Trends paper essay

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Trends paper essay

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In the criminal justice system, corrections exist in more than one form. Not only do corrections refer to jails and prison systems but they also pertain to community-based programs, such as probation, parole, halfway houses, and treatment facilities.

We will write a custom essay sample on Corrections Trends Evaluation Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Past, present, and future trends in regard to the development and operation of institutional and community-based corrections vary between states but corrections have grown immensely since the early s and have continued to Trends paper essay over time.

Corrections are adamant to continue to expand into the future because crime is not slowing down so there will remain a strong need for corrections throughout society. The subject of this paper pertains to research of past, present, and future trends in the development and operation of corrections.

In some ways corrections are similar to the operation trends of two decades ago. In other ways the development of corrections has come far compared to corrections in the beginning.

Other subjects of the paper include current and future issues for prisons and prison administrators and an explanation for why these issues overwhelm Trends paper essay.

A last topic for discussion is the roles of alternate corrections as a developing trend. Conditions in the early era were inhumane because of prisoners starving, and trends of punishment were in the form of physical punishment.

Examples of this were punishments, such as prisoners hanged, tortured, beheaded, or mutilated. This punishment was popular in England, but it had an effect on its American predecessors. Over the years and into the future many still wonder the dominate method in reducing the number of criminals in the department of corrections.

The system brutally executed citizens who had violated any law.

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However, not all colonial administrators adhered to a brutal punishment, such as the death penalty. This code, based on Quaker ideals and humanity and rehabilitation, by William Penn was introduced. This initiated a chain reaction and other states looked to Pennsylvania as an example for reform.

They looked to the penitentiary as a hope of rehabilitating the criminal spirit. It helped to treat and discipline prisoners rather than physically harm them. The silence in a penitentiary was meant to force prisoners to think about their crimes, and weigh the benefits against the consequences.

Although the silence treatment was successful, many inmates brought into the penitentiaries and had to share rooms as a result of crowded conditions.

This happened at the Walnut Street Prison Penitentiary, and it ended with overcrowded conditions and excessive cost. The prison eventually shut down.

Although the prison was shut down, many states continued to use the penitentiary system. If overcrowding occurred it just meant building new penitentiaries. The penitentiary system was important because it influenced later concepts.

These prisoners had contact with religious instructors known as clergy or prison officials only.

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Another concept introduced was the idea of reform and progress. Inmates who behaved well and followed rules climb a ladder and once at the top may qualify for early release from confinement. The history and structure of prisons and prison administrators has changed immensely over the years.

Society today faces the increased probability of incarceration for offenders and inmates serve more time for crimes in the present-day compared to the length of incarceration several years ago.

With more offenders going to prison for longer stays many prisons face overcrowding conditions.

The prison overcrowding problem contributes to several issues currently facing prisons and prison administrators. Prison overcrowding is a current issue that without some extreme solutions will continue to plaque the entire department of corrections well into the future. Over the past decade the prison population continues to rise sharply.

Stricter laws, harsher punishment, high rates of recidivism, and higher levels of drug related crimes contribute to the rapid growth of incarcerated offenders. Prison overcrowding almost always has a negative effect on inmates and prison administration or staff. Overcrowding leads to higher rates of illness, so in turn prison administrators see an increase in health care costs.

Limited more are resources and the likelihood of recidivism rates is higher when prisons reach a maximum capacity population. Another current and future issue of concern for prisons and prison administrators stemming from overcrowding is prison violence. Prison researcher Stephen C. Light found that when conditions such as overcrowding worsen.

Prisoners often use violence as a way to show power or to control other inmates.Teacher of the year essay on educational issues and trends paper. 4 stars based on 68 reviews Essay.

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Trends paper essay

Name * E-mail *. The 21st century has brought changes in institutional and community based services, in rural areas, industry and the military, technology, managed care, and international development, and accommodating new human service trends.

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Free Essay: Criminal Justice Trends Paper CJA/ December 16, Criminal Justice Trends Paper Introduction For the past 50 years, America’s criminal.

It is essential for the human service provider to adapt to the changing environment of human services in this country and around the world. The 21st century has brought changes in institutional and community based services, in rural areas, industry and the military, technology, managed care, and international development, and accommodating new human service trends.

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