Why did the spanish armada win

If those battle-hardened Spanish troops had landed, as planned, near Margate on the Kent coast, it is likely that they would have been in the poorly defended streets of London within a week and the queen and her ministers captured or killed. England would have reverted to the Catholic faith and there may have not been a British Empire to come.

Why did the spanish armada win

Why did the Spanish armada attack England?

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Philip was really annoyed, but he couldn't battle, because if he did the french would battle him as well. Philip could battle England or France, but not both together. But when Elizabeth had executed Mary Queen of Scots the French were angry Mary was the French king's son's wife to be so the French wouldn't battle against him if he battled England!

So that's when the Armada started. Philip took his chance to battle England out of revenge, frustration, and many other emotions.

Spanish Armada defeated - HISTORY

Also because of him being a Catholic and her being a Protestant, he thought it was his duty to attack. He hoped to win England in the name of his daughter, Infanta Princess Isabella. I think the act of parliament the King made that ultimately led to this war was called "The dissolution of the monastries" and was a direct result of him being unable to divorce his then wife The pope forbade him The Church of England was created by him as a direct result, and the first British Church to allow divorce came into being.

This made us a Protestant rather than a Catholic nation.


It was during this time that Catholics began to be hounded as traitors, a shameful episode within our history, beaten only by the Inquisition by Catholics prior to this I feel. The Spanish were seething about this British up-start King who broke all the rules and insulted Rome, whilst Elizabeth may have paid "Letters of Commision" to sea captains to unoffically attack the Spanish gold-laden galleons she maintained horror of the actions by these privateers as they became known in history when the Spanish Court questioned her, and I believe the most infamous of all: Drake was imprisoned by her briefely by Spanish request.

What I'm trying to say is that the history of England, France and Spain was bitterly-interlocked at this time, but always under the watchful eye of the papacy, whilst all three were rivals the actions of the British were too much for the papacy- abolishing the Catholic faith and so the seeds were sown for a Spanish nation to avenge the other things Privateers commisioned by a jealous English Crown they were so pissed off about.

Toby How did England defeat the spanish armada? The Spanish Armada was beset with misfortune and errors from the start, encountering storms both before and after their battles with the English fleets.The Spanish Armada was a costly defeat for Philip II.

While Elizabeth's exchequer paid just over £, to defend England, Philip spent in excess of £m on the Armada. 5. The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada History Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, In Conclusion, the reasons why the defeat of the Spanish Armada became or turned to become a turning point for England was because England became the strongest country in all of Europe.

Making it build up a very strong Naval fleet, which was. The English Armada, also known as the Counter Armada or the Drake-Norris Expedition, was a fleet of warships sent to Spain by Queen Elizabeth I of England in , during the undeclared Anglo-Spanish War (–) and the Eighty Years' yunusemremert.com was led by Sir Francis Drake as admiral and Sir John Norreys as general, and failed to drive home the advantage England had won upon the destruction.

The Spanish Armada Of : Queen Elizabeth and Philip II

Oct 12,  · The two main reasons why the English beat the Spanish Armada are: 1) the English ships were smaller and much faster and more maneuverable. 2) a mighty storm came up the English Channel and scattered the Spanish yunusemremert.com: Resolved.

The defeat of the Spanish Armada is one of the most famous events in English history. It was arguably Queen Elizabeth's finest hour.

For years she had been hailed as the English Deborah, the saviour of the English people, and now it seemed that this is what she had really become. Investigation: Why did the English fleet defeat the Spanish Armada? The defeat of the Spanish Armada in has long been held as one of England's greatest military achievements, and a sign of the strength and spirit imparted to the country by the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Why did the spanish armada win
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