Why marriage matters

Why Marriage Matters Overview Marriage between one man and one woman is one of the most influential and important institutions in our world. It defines and shapes cultures and continually raises up new generations in the security and discipline of a home with a father and mother. Marriage, however, is the basic building block of society and has benefits over every alternative for all involved — men, women, and children.

Why marriage matters

It is the work of a brilliant civil rights litigator Why marriage matters has dedicated his life to the protection of individuals' rights and our Constitution's commitment to equal justice under the law.

'The Cohabitation Trap'&#;Why Marriage Matters

Above all, it is a thoughtful, straightforward book that brings into sharp focus the human significance of the right to marry in America -- not just for some couples, but for all. Whatever your personal beliefs, we all can agree that marriage equality provokes both passion and tension, and looms large in our nation's politics.

Marriage means many things to many people -- emotionally, spiritually, intellectually -- but in these pages, Evan Wolfson demonstrates a truth that is undeniable: Marriage is the legal gateway to a vast array of tangible and intangible protections, responsibilities, and benefits, most of which cannot be replicated in any other way.

Wolfson is a formidable legal thinker who has participated in landmark cases to end race discrimination in jury trials, to secure the rights of battered married women, and to challenge the abuse of power at the highest level in government.

Now, with extraordinary clarity, fascinating stories, and legal and historical examples, he addresses the questions we as Americans are asking ourselves as we consider how marriage equality will affect our lives. Why is the word marriage so important? What are the stakes for America in this civil rights movement?

How can people of different faiths reconcile their beliefs with the idea of marriage for same-sex couples? How will allowing gay couples to marry affect children?

Why marriage matters

Here you will find thorough, honest answers -- some that may surprise you, some that will persuade you, many that will move you. Wolfson recalls the history of past battles over marriage and movements for equality, and articulates the everyday acts of discrimination that frame this current movement -- acts of discrimination that, if faced by non-gay Americans, would provoke a resounding cry of injustice.

Marriage matters because it is a foundation upon which most Americans build dreams.

Why marriage matters

It is the cornerstone of commitment one individual makes to another -- a commitment we are taught is the highest expression of love, dedication, and responsibility. In this, the most powerful, authoritative, and fairly articulated book on the subject, Wolfson demonstrates why the right to marry is important -- indeed necessary -- for all couples and for America's promise of equality.

But Wolfson's eloquent statement of principle holds true today. Although the legal right for gays to marry has been won, it is already under The book is structured like a brief, in that each chapter addresses a differentWhy Marriage Matters Regis Martin It was, not so very long ago, widely regarded in this country as morally wrong and, not infrequently, socially ruinous, for a man to walk out on his wife and children.

Millennials who have a baby outside of marriage are more likely to end up as single parents or paying child support, both of which increase the odds of poverty.

Why Marriage Matters offers a compelling, intelligently reasoned discussion of a question at the forefront of our national consciousness. It is the work of one of the most influential attorneys in America, who has dedicated his life to the protection of individuals' rights and our Constitution's commitment to equal justice under the law.

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