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Writing about organisational skills cover

writing about organisational skills cover

Leave a comment Reading Time: And for years media trainers have dutifully helped them meet that aspiration. This more conversational approach might, on the face of it, be less challenging for interviewees.

Yet it presents them with different kinds of challenges. Ones which require less obvious and softer presentational skills than before.

So media trainers must adapt their approach too. I was reminded of this when given the brief to train the chief executive and senior management team at a non-departmental government body.

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But not recently and certainly not in a way that prepared them for the kinds of interviews they were increasingly being asked to give. Interviews where the expectation from the media was that the interviewees would be more reflective, less inclined to simply deliver their key messages irrespective of the questions slippery style as I call it and more entertaining whatever that means to boot.

Spiked, as us journalists with a print background like to say. All of which, he concluded, was a pity because they had some really important points to make. In essence, the problem here is one of perception.


A safe pair of hands from an organisational perspective can be terminally dull from a media perspective. Let me put it this way: What I am saying, however, is that you have to work even harder to frame your key messages in the most appealing way possible and deliver them with all the presentational charm you can muster.

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We’ll use this to help you develop your leadership and management skills with a specific focus on business growth and innovation. The Skills Development Summit will unveil a pragmatic vision of skills development that integrates the need to develop skills, create jobs and grow the economy.

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Organizational skill -- the ability to plan and schedule work tasks -- is a highly desirable quality to .

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